You spend all this time making your modular sound great, don't you want it to look great too?

If you are the kind of person who appreciates finely crafted products that are pleasing to the eye and standout from the ordinary then you may have just found your next case. At Etherealsun we seek to produce beautiful cases that showcase your Eurorack modules and musical equipment.

Whether through our fine line of bamboo cases or a custom designed piece, your rig will pop and standout, just like your music.

We think you will find something that you just can’t get anywhere else.

We recently created a custom case for Ken “Flux” Pierce from If you know Flux or have watched any of his many YouTube videos and shows, you know he loves green. So when we set out to create his new case we just had to try and make the hardware green to match his studio.

We thought we got pretty close, but Ken after he received his case shared, “oh and the green is perfect…like exactly the color I wanted. It’s actually a dead match for the green knobs they gave out for the [Roland] System-1m at Knobcon (which is my favorite color).” He also shared, “it’s AMAZING!!! Looks exactly as I had hoped. So beautiful!” which put a big smile on our faces.

I (Steve) have always enjoyed watching shows that “pimp” or customize their products for their clients. Shows like Orange County Choppers, Face Off and even Cup Cake Wars take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. I knew when I started Etherealsun I wanted to bring that same innovative spirit to our designs.

As I look around the marketplace my thoughts are always what can we bring that is unique or a little different, like our custom color rails and hardware. We’re pretty sure this is an industry first.

We think providing custom laser etching is another fantastic add that makes your case truly one of a kind.

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