How do I order a custom case?

Whether you are just starting out your modular journal or you are looking for a more unified look that can hold all your modules, you may be entertaining the idea of having a custom design created for you. Custom pieces are a little like deciding to move from dating to getting engaged, both parties have to feel comfortable moving forward.

How does the process work?

The quick version:

We have a dialogue about what you want, you receive a couple sketches and CAD mock-up of what that will look like, we tweak anything that needs to be change, you make the first of two payments, we build you a case, ship it to you, you pay the second of two payments, and pay for shipping & handling, you enjoy your awesome new case.

The more detailed version:

We follow a 7-Step process to ensure you get a great case.


Maybe you have been dreaming about your ideal case for many weeks, or maybe you just have a notion. Take some time to think about what it is you would like for your new custom case. How many rows do you want? How wide should it be? How do you plan to use your new case? Do you have a logo or a name you want laser etched into the finish? What color rails do you want? This is the time to really think about your new case. Once you have even a basic idea, reach out to us to explore the possibility of having a custom case created for you. 


It begins with an email to inquiring about having a custom case created for you.

We'll exchange a series of emails getting all the details nailed down and coming up with a design for your new case. The first consideration will be determining the size of your case - the number of rows, and the width. The rest of the details we'll work out together. At some point we'll switch over to using text or a phone call because it will expedite getting answers regarding the details.

To help you visualize what your new case will look like, we'll create a CAD model and send you various renderings. If needed we'll refine and tweak the design. It is important to be clear up front on all the details, assumptions and expectations before we decide to do business together.


Refunds are not possible with this kind of work, so we want to make sure you are comfortable and confident in moving forward before any money exchanges hands. We can walk away friends if you decide not to move forward, there is no pressure. If you are ready to move forward at this point, we'll generate an invoice for half of the agreed upon price.  The second half will be due upon receiving your case. Once the case is ready and we have a cost for shipping and handling we'll send you a separate invoice for that.


Once we receive your first payment we procure the materials needed to create your new case.  The time it takes to get your rails purchased and painted varies, but it typically only takes a week or two. Additional time may accrue if additional bamboo needs to be purchased. We will keep you apprised of those details.


Now the work begins building your new case.


We make sure to carefully pack your case so that it will arrive in perfect condition. Once we determined the cost of shipping your case, we'll inform you and generate a separate invoice. We could just add a couple hundred dollars on the price of your case and tell you it comes with free shipping and handling netting a small profit on the shipping, but we think it is better to be transparent and pass on the actual cost instead.


Now is the time to load your new case with your favorite modules and create something inspiring. Celebrate with friends and make sure to post pics and videos on your favorite social media outlets, you deserve it.