Dave Solursh of Art For The Ears

I first heard about Art for the Ears in an interview that Ken (Flux) Pierce did at NAMM 2016. So when I saw that his table was right across from mine I was hoping to chat and maybe learn a few things from him. Dave is a great guy and was very helpful in sharing some of the challenges with making cases for the eurorack community. I received a lot of great advice that will help me to better serve this community.

We each are providing different options for racks so he didn't treat me as competition. I was again struck with how this community is filled with really decent folks like Dave. My wife and I even watched his stuff so that he could go out to lunch the last day of Knobcon. You don't find that kind of atmosphere very often. I hope to continue to run into Dave.

Art For the Ears had plenty of options for cases at Knobcon.