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Dave Solursh of Art For The Ears

I first heard about Art for the Ears in an interview that Ken (Flux) Pierce did at NAMM 2016. So when I saw that his table was right across from mine I was hoping to chat and maybe learn a few things from him. Dave is a great guy and was very helpful in sharing some of the challenges with making cases for the eurorack community. I received a lot of great advice that will help me to better serve this community.

We each are providing different options for racks so he didn't treat me as competition. I was again struck with how this community is filled with really decent folks like Dave. My wife and I even watched his stuff so that he could go out to lunch the last day of Knobcon. You don't find that kind of atmosphere very often. I hope to continue to run into Dave.

Art For the Ears had plenty of options for cases at Knobcon.

Tony Rolando of Make Noise

What a delight to have Tony Rolando stop my table and chat for a while. Make Noise was across the room from me, so I was surprised and pleased to see how much everyone exhibiting was also participating in Knobcon, checking out what's new, and just being friendly. Tony was generous in sharing his thoughts on cases - powered versus no-power - and on a host of other topics.

We had a laugh about his appearance in the I Dream of Wires documentary. He commented that they shot something like 4 hours of him, but only used 30 seconds. I told him "And yet, I still recognized you from the movie!" I'd say that was good press.  

​I happen to have a few Make Noise blanks with me so I popped them in for Tony to take a picture. They are a perfect match for our soft touch gold finish. We asked him about how he gets the gold lightening bolts on his panel, but he said that will remain a secret.

I can respect that, we aren't going to give up the formulation of our gold finish either.​

Pictures in our gallery vary some due to various lighting under which the pictures were taken. This shot is a good representation of the actually color our our cases.

Here are some shots of the Make Noise table and what they were showing at Knobcon.

Corry Banks and Ken (Flux) Pierce

Caught up with Corry and Ken doing their pre-Knobcon stream Friday night in the basement exhibit space. These are the guys who inspired me to get involved with the eurorack community. They were very gracious and supportive of our new cases and shared them with their audience. They are really a couple of great guys and the real deal.

I was capturing what they were doing until my iphone stopped recording just as they were starting to interview me. I was able to grab the clip of the interview from the video on Ken's Facebook page. Check it out.

I first came across Corry and Ken on the beatppl. show that Corry hosts every month. 

I first learned about Knobcon through Flux's SynthSummitShow Episode 1.